Eric A.Freeman CMT,ATCT,CASACI*,BA Some are on offensive and can silly really produce goods those on defensive is it the same I think not Sword v.s. Shield   In the end they reach the same grounded platughugh the same the same and enter infinity and beyond ether way only be angry for a day just for today.  

Spirituality and Meditation( Kim)

Spirituality and Meditation                                                              Hyeyoung Kim Even though we live in very material world and own tons of cool stuff promising us to make us happy,Continue reading “Spirituality and Meditation( Kim)”

Off Hand MICA Struggle

MICA ,can this label be proven. Are most MICA People misdiagnosed? The solution is not getting addicted in the first place. Some chase the dragon of power from Acid, to pot, to cigarettes, to cocaine, to heroin.  Some Chase the dragon of Rexlation. Can meditation help both categories. It dependeds on the individual. MICA isContinue reading “Off Hand MICA Struggle”

Tai Chi Step by Steap

I first started Tai Chi learning the 24 yang form in 1996. It was taught as system of relaxation, calisthenics, and discipline. Before I started taking it, I thought Tai Chi was something only old Chinese people did in the park for health. Also for avocation, as to enjoy as a hobby. My brother, whoContinue reading “Tai Chi Step by Steap”

Mucky Meditation

Silly Yogi Sponcer Meditation is a disapline. When On a HAYATUS to return to the flower from the muck of no meditation is a mucky prosses so far.   As I cleanse my sole with meditation the fear has been reaped slowly. Remember the sun shines on alll of us equallly. No matter what youContinue reading “Mucky Meditation”

Meditation Doughts

Sponsor Silly Yogi Silly yogi .com   Refer back to the instruction’s if they were not given solely orally. Even though I have meditated for the last five years every day at least once, and have stayed mindful, I still study my notes from the start periodically with a beginner’s mind. If You Have beenContinue reading “Meditation Doughts”

Laugh Away the Pain

Silly Yogi   People have nothing not even gratutide for the nothing they have. One thing we all have is presence or chi. If we are able breath one should have gratutite for life. The breath the prana or Ruach, ka, KI, Chi, all are to an answer any day above groung is a goodContinue reading “Laugh Away the Pain”

Snake Women of the year

To  May Molina, and two others who are not public   Remember Horses are noble   Snakes are snakes and roosters are flashy   They worne the horse about the Female Snakes of the Chinese zodiac Remember they are to the bitter end yet they will tune into lonely prunes as they age A youngerContinue reading “Snake Women of the year”