For Food’s and yes Stomach

By Eric A. Freeman CMT, ATCT,CASACI*   When I meditate I usually will stop after eating for 1 hour before i meditate again. I like my self to be at ease and at a level of comfort when I meditate. That is why when my stomach is full I stop or don’t meditate with aContinue reading “For Food’s and yes Stomach”

Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed   “As time has gone by I reflect on prompt. I like to be this word, this mode out of not being rude to my self, family, or others. Time is a valuable comity. If if there is a reason to be prompt I will. yet to know that I doContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Perplexed”

Meditation:Why Morals and Ethics?

Why all the morals ethics  and noble axioms that come along with meditation?   I used to ask this question all the time.   Coming up with my own answer I see that a mind-set at ease finds it a better place to meditate. This is not a requirement to meditate.

Eating Type

Is the way we eat a requirement for meditation? No, no and no. I find that being a vegetarian is based on a philosophy rather than a healthier way of eating. Some say being a vegetarian makes one more sensitive. Others who are Dr.’s say don’t be an extreme vegan because you will be weekContinue reading “Eating Type”

When is it okay to put meditation on a hold?

Eric A. Freeman Support your local Rock Star on iTunes Store Eric a Freeman   When is it okay to put  meditation on a hold?   Some are strict and never stop meditating!   Some will say they are meditating all the time   And some take off for holidays like this one   ThisContinue reading “When is it okay to put meditation on a hold?”