Had a Basic Meditation

Eric a. Freeman, CMT( Certified Meditation Teacher) ATCT( Associate Tai Chi Teacher) Did Buddha belly breathing for 15 minutes, had a wonderful relaxing experience. My home did not matter the thoughts came to me like a passing parade. I closed my eyes,lyed down and breathed with a big buddha belly. I have not done thisContinue reading “Had a Basic Meditation”


DO WU NIM Added: Saturday, July 18th 2015 at 11:54am by meditationbyeric Related Tags: yoga, taoism, buddhism, meditation, hybrid cars 0 / 0 ratings A young Korean male, I meet at Starbucks of Dugloston, who I shall call pastor “Kim”who I meet approximately 4 years ago, was curious as a cat’s tail end to findContinue reading “DO WU NIM!”

When Teachers are Sick or Hurt

I walked into A grandmasters studio and he was heart had a bandage on his wrist. I thought to my self he is hurt, I thought he has the answers to be healthy. After a year of frustration I cam etc the conclusion people are human after all. I don’t know how the public eyeContinue reading “When Teachers are Sick or Hurt”

I put her Down

By Eric A. Freeman ATCT,CMT,BA   An older and a younger monk are walking back to their monastery when they notice a young woman passed out in the middle of a busy road. The older monk tries to rouse her without response, before finally picking her up and carrying her from the road to safety.  HeContinue reading “I put her Down”

Scholar Ship Money

For All those who feel as if the system has not done him or her justice apply for a scholar ship.The world war two generation are moving along the Ferny of life.There are many wealthy people who suffered greatly for this world. They bare not see it go to waste.   I really wonder hereContinue reading “Scholar Ship Money”

Mindful Vomitting NC 17SHECK

The mindful mature way of vomiting is a satori zen thought attitude and behavior. Having Esophagusiyus  permeable I deiced to make the art of vomiting special like making a bento box after, its a little wasabi. The word wasabi in Japanese means a tile award nothing perfect. The zen way is like driving a carContinue reading “Mindful Vomitting NC 17SHECK”


To meditate:  There is also meditation in motion yoga or tai chi in motion such as vinysa or 24 yang form,  chen or aikido. There are varying meditative forms as India’s sun salutation or moon salutation, 24 form in tai chi, the most common in china, and a ancient squat-kneeling walk from japan in theContinue reading “Protection”

Meditation:Why Morals and Ethics?

Why all the morals ethics  and noble axioms that come along with meditation?   I used to ask this question all the time.   Coming up with my own answer I see that a mind-set at ease finds it a better place to meditate. This is not a requirement to meditate.

Eating Type

Is the way we eat a requirement for meditation? No, no and no. I find that being a vegetarian is based on a philosophy rather than a healthier way of eating. Some say being a vegetarian makes one more sensitive. Others who are Dr.’s say don’t be an extreme vegan because you will be weekContinue reading “Eating Type”