Being an addictions counselor in training for years was stressful.  The coping methods my brother showed me such as qi gong, breathing exercises, and tai chi  helped  on  stressful days, and continues to do so. I went on my daily commute to and from work in New York Post 911. But by some strange force I began to have anContinue reading “MEDITATION BY ERIC”

Silly Yogi12/25/14   “I think of the word slavery. I think of the many levels today- I think not only of workers in the capitalistic systems,yet as “Men being slaves to women” and “women as slaves to men ,in the dichotomy of the romantic science of chemistry” .Romantic notion.-the great American clease, of the “oldContinue reading

Dual Language meditation

Silly Yogi    when one learns about another laugage like sanskrit or MEDICAL modern TCM.They find them sef lost in a sea of translation . Imagine a beginners mind when nothing makes sences except non-words and other signs. In another country you can take your universial meditation skills with you any where.   Remember a concretContinue reading “Dual Language meditation”