Being an addictions counselor in training for years was stressful.  The coping methods my brother showed me such as qi gong, breathing exercises, and t’ai chi  helped  on  stressful days, and continues to do so. I went on my daily commute to and from work in New York Post 911. But by some strange force I began to have an aversion to my daily travels. I have come to recognize this moment as an inner awaking.


At Hunter College in 2002, where my formal yoga training began, I learned a technique called mantra. As well, motivating me to keep going. With skilled meditation, I have found the strength to cope with everyday life. Time and time again I have called on the skill of meditation. With no doubt, meditation can help in almost all situations.

There is, however, a point when modern medicine becomes necessary, as I have learned through experience. However great meditation is, this is not the panacea of life. It serves as an ally along-side scientific breakthroughs. We still need to build a fire, right? Meditation takes a lot of practice and discipline.


Today, I have earned a meditation teacher certification( CMT) with honors from Aura Wellness-  a concentration in Insight Buddhism. I have also  trained in Yang style 24 movements with Yaron Sidman and Danial Kim. A style of tai chi,  and  qi gong- for health, for 5 years, and I have practiced HATHA yoga for 11 years and tai chi for 15 years.I took 1 year of  Judo lessons in Queens NY as a Yellow belt, and this sport goes all the way to the” Olympian Status.” I am learning more about Raja Yoga and the eight limb path.  Raja yoga says,” …to be brave enough to drink an ocean.”

Raja yoga practices non violent… Judo   is  a  self defence and “The gentle way”. B+ in the non violence category I stepped on ant ; ) Raja yoga also practices forgiveness.

8 methods that compliment meditation are physical exercise,  nutrition,  self defence( mentally and physically), ethics and morals, concentration, mind-fullness, spirituality.These methods enhance the  body, mind, spirit, and life  force energy(prana, qi, ki, roach)helping to make us more vital.


Meditation has improved the well being of many and also has changed numerous individual’s outlook on life.  It really is one day at a time, and sometimes moment to moment. To achieve a goal of harmonious balance is no small task! The Buddha calls for a middle way. I call the Buddha a great psychologist. Many therapists are now using Buddhist philosophy ,and practices. One such woman is Tara Brach PH. D. More and more Dr.’s -the health practitioners are recommending  yoga, tai chi , qi gong , and  meditation to clients.


I seek to facilitate meditation, health, self -defence,and spirituality so one can lead a more peaceful, simple, enjoyable, and ultimately free life. Meditation has worked for me when applied in real-life situations, such as mindfulness, posture awareness, breathing consciously, lowering my over all blood pressure, being present, having more compassion for my self and others, having more self-respect, being aware internally and externally, enhanced my gratitude, has opened my mind to new possibilities, and experiences, meditation has added to my over all constitution, new found respect for nature and the elements, and best of all simply learning how to be.


The Coroner Stones of meditation are

are Concentration, mind-fullness


Benefits of meditation


Deeper relaxation

Helps with hypertension

Helps with anxiety and panic attacks

Great for self confidence

Lowers oxygen use

Increases the flow of blood and slows the heart rate

Behavior,  Attitude, thinking Change

Enhances awareness

Enhances Creativity


Spiritual growth and maturity

Something to use on life’s journey



If one does their research-one will find  science supports the above benefits as evidence-based fact.

You can ask your health practitioner about the benefits of meditation. I encourage any one to explore more!


Have Deep Roots Within

                               Eric A. Freeman C.M.T,CTCT,CASACI,BA






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  1. Please watch the Short Movie” O, Baby”

    on You Tube it is rated PG-13

    look at my you tube too

    24 yang Style EF you Tube

    we are open for Business

    tai chi is a martial art

    and yet it is a meditation in motion

    due to mindfullnes and concentration and much more including chi gong

    I’ll reach the TCM level one day! I hope and YT

    integrative medicine

    remember you can ask your MD,Physical Therapist or, and Nutrinillist

    Trainer, Psychologist, massage Therapist, your mother, Your Yoga Teacher,

    your college professor, your father, your priest or rabbi, the janitor at Macy’s, Dr.Bob, Dr. Phil or a PA, RN, LPN, CMT, BA,BS,MS,MBA, HBO,THE KKKKK,

    THE ISIS, THE MOON, a spirit a ghost, a ZOMBIe actully I suggest you don’t ask a Zombie you may not get a Repply, Wiccan, Cabalh, Sufi, A John Edwords, Captin Chruch, The Cereal,Kernel Sanders, last of all pacman and Bugs bunny



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