Meditative Dispostion

By Eric A. Freeman ATCT, CMT

Meditation practice or livelihood comes to develop an attitude with wise understanding of non striving( or timelessness), and non judgemental, acceptance, non-clinging, non-desire, not being frivolous,discipline, and patience. Be in the moment say yes to life. The moment is all we really have after all. We have memories, and anticipation. Yes, the mind will wonder but that is your story you are clinging to. We all do. Witness time and mastery developing and attitude a meditative attitude becomes part of a livelihood and the practice of mindfulness..Also, acceptance especially if you are having anger problems it helps to accept and forgive the situation. Let the unbearable unanswerable go and trust that the universe is taking care of the situation for us. If one is constantly angry in attitude-refreshing the anger the meditation can for moments take away this disposition. When he or she meditates the meditations will not be as deep or possibly therapeutic. The practice of meditation does wonders adding the dispositions of meditation, the attitude, makes an improvement to life as we enter the realm of meditation. By living in anger we will never find the ecstatic joy we arelooking for from meditation or life. The practice can help smooth things out .

Forgive and place it away and don’t forget. See what its like to live with out anger. Accept death and suffering your own death, anger, and suffering. Some stay in the zone of self piety and never make a change and stay an angry victim, a blocked energy crunh. It is possibly impossible to over come the duality of anger entirely but that is why we meditate to heal our spirit or shen. Also through exercise, physical exercise we relive the energy of our anger. Anger is not healthy compassion and self defence is.

Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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