When Teachers are Sick or Hurt

I walked into A grandmasters studio and he was heart had a bandage on his wrist. I thought to my self he is hurt, I thought he has the answers to be healthy. After a year of frustration I cam etc the conclusion people are human after all. I don’t know how the public eye sees me other then a Query about being president. An honor to be yet I see my self more as a diplomat then a Would leader like Trump. I went to school in a Diplomatic tic community. As a front person its a different life then playing with-in a sacred circle yet aware that there be players who hate. Always in this sacred circle I and another philosopher became the hub of the Sacred circle in this Diplomatic Community. 25 languages are spoken,a navel place. From nursery school in Flushing I think, to public school with JAPANESE kids. To jr. HS with ASAIN( Indian,Chinese) To HS. With black-afro-Caribbean -hispanic to college with ONEEONTA Indians, back to hunter in the DIPlomatic swinger.

A EURO College in American Standard became a place to hunt to find a sanctuary in a Sardine CAVIAR Community.


16 floor above became my place to study and look at the leaves change. This place was peaceful only the brave could be apart of the sanctuary I found. I was into meditation and it had a cat like attitude a pussy cat that became a Lions attitude instead.

According to a person I love Jews had no where to turn to during ww 2 They want to the hills and loved the indian lands so much there where segments through the united sates. These cultures also shoed him the ways of meditation.



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