By Eric a. Freeman C.M.T.,A.T.C.T., B.A.


After many years of searching for a label of what I study, the words came to me like a Lotus flower in bloom from a muddy waters.  ZEN Tao Yoga Counselor therapy , in addition to part of an addictions full Chancellorship, from Queens college and Elmhurst hospital- Queens NY, -is the most cultural in the world.

The worlds fair flavor convention and the music industry’s well known -as Beatles are among Queens NY,top culture icon medias. The US Open and St. Jon’s college are  historical land markers that are Elite  to an Olympic standing. JFK and Lagudia  air ports serve the world heart beat infrastructure as a passageway way into NYC and Greater New York area. A new Hotel is rumored a “Marronitet”  hotel-underproduction, near St. Jon’s home town and is in my home town of Fresh Meadows Queens. A Queens Civic center is also rumored to be in the workings- confirmed by  a Douglasstone Ph .D  presenter, at Douglasstone-Little Neck library on the water ways of NY. I also presented tai chi and meditation and the first of several presentations of ZEN TAO YOGA.

Master Man Tack Chia seems like he has the same course of study. He is also a Tai chi, Aikido,  Chi gong ,Yoga teacher.

The presentation went over well with the new residents here and the old school neighborhood as professionally advertised by the NY, library system approx. three years ago. When asked by an Chinese Asian American, More FOB, why Eric a. Freeman and local Rock star on Apples  I tunes( Choices) as a tai chi teacher is too fat  he Replied.” He thinks if you take up two seats on an airplane….then you are too fat answer.” The Chinese lady was a little  too skinny if you ask me any way. He personally replied,” I’m working on my own life pathway too.”

Today he is in private practice and look to rejoin the ranks of a Hospital/Clinic worker as a Certified Addictions Counselor in the making.

One mistake I admit too during the two year internship unpaid,  was I dosed off during my own Video pretension on methadone-ya for 24 seconds.The mentor team in the methadone Clinic made him write a 9 page apology note that probably need up in their trash any way latter that year. I still needed two more years paid to sit for a C.A.S.A.C exam. Then I woke up hard core! It took a 7 year pause due to mandate from heaven. I have a  condition my self known as GAD with agoraphobia that has been in relapse . Since the hiatus I became a C.M.T a certified meditation teacher, a volunteer vent-ran at Little Neck nursing home and a unofficial assailant/manger at a assisted living home as a life saving weightier and paid guitarist. He also went on to became a local Rock star legend, and an associate tai chi professional Teacher in Bay Side queens- employing ZEN, TAO, Yoga with pakonson clinical rate student. The Business Fittastic went under due to economic cercomestance and mandate form heaven too. Life goes on. ZEN TAO YOGA. and now he is nursing a foot industry as luck would with his cat and friends and family too boot. Yet I am not defeated in a ZEN TAO YOGA SPIRIT and practice as a teacher and life student.


Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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