Mindful Vomitting NC 17SHECK

The mindful mature way of vomiting is a satori zen thought attitude and behavior. Having Esophagusiyus  permeable I deiced to make the art of vomiting special like making a bento box after, its a little wasabi. The word wasabi in Japanese means a tile award nothing perfect. The zen way is like driving a car the driver and the car become one. yet through mind blowing bravery and simple thinking a CBTs art work becomes apparent.

He aimed for the wood floor instead of the carpet proudly. One time vomiting he chose to vomit on his own bare skin instead of the carput. A drop hit the 80 present carped floor of his home in Queens NY.


He has not vomited fro 15 days. He becomes a Nija at vomiting…

the head of flushing hospitals bob a 18 year old lad Indian Dr. who said he grew up with servants and pot fields of Ambrosia said pick an ancient bystander to vomit on attitude.

During 911 bob overcame his shame of puking. Is this a Buddhist way to have no shame no sin, way of life? if me cling on to shame we face dought we mat still be industrious and atunmous in life yet very noratic. When we aim mindfully to live with out shame and with out humility people start to live like kings of their lives instead of pesent mental participants mates. If you see some one vomiting on the street besides on you do you ake if there okay with compassion or do you ay to your self O, gross and put them away with 5o and handcuffs for vomiting.  My condolences to Lernerd Cohen’s Family and kith and kin and don’t get caught in the Tibetan bardo sate as he passes on to the land of the dead wather it be in Stovacore Valhalla, opium, bath, heaven, hell, or other space he probably got reincarnated as a star or a black whole

hallelujah song a #1 American hit from the movie Sherck. Its nor ZEN its now Called SHERCKisium.Thank you lenord for your Alternative jazzy rock folk music/ spitual race muic to julgle.

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Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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