Being an addictions counselor in training for years was stressful.  The coping methods my brother showed me such as qi gong, breathing exercises, and tai chi  helped  on  stressful days, and continues to do so. I went on my daily commute to and from work in New York Post 911. But by some strange force I began to have anContinue reading “MEDITATION BY ERIC”

Mindful Vomitting NC 17SHECK

The mindful mature way of vomiting is a satori zen thought attitude and behavior. Having Esophagusiyus  permeable I deiced to make the art of vomiting special like making a bento box after, its a little wasabi. The word wasabi in Japanese means a tile award nothing perfect. The zen way is like driving a carContinue reading “Mindful Vomitting NC 17SHECK”

A Certified Meditation Teacher

By Eric A. Freeman CMT, ATCT,BA As a certified meditation teacher and tai chi teacher, I find those who give all in service to humanity are fine examples that shine forth on the individual and the community. When one spirit is dedicated consciously or unconsciously to his work, and the greater whole it shows asContinue reading “A Certified Meditation Teacher”