Not a Word of Health Care!

BY Eric a. Freeman CMT,ATCT,CASACI*,BA

After the presidential debate I saw something missing! Not a word of heath care.


With out heath we have nothing! as a yogi once said. How could these two candidates not touch on our lives as a healthy country. We must be the healthiest county with not a need for improvement then. are  all our health care political problems are solved? something such as meditation helps us to be more whole. Mindfulness is proven and meditation, to help be healthy or help in times of not being healthy .


I see America’s next president as a true reflection of the people. These two are yin and yang. Polar opposites .If our country is divided the division will show.


This is not an editorial it shows this debate the first on 9/26/16 did not cover health care.


Remember things can stay the same or change. The status quo  is about the american choice to vote. To vote is a American liberty. I say vote as if it is you who will decide america’s fate. We have fought well to preserve this right.





Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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