Not a Word of Health Care!

BY Eric a. Freeman CMT,ATCT,CASACI*,BA After the presidential debate I saw something missing! Not a word of heath care.   With out heath we have nothing! as a yogi once said. How could these two candidates not touch on our lives as a healthy country. We must be the healthiest county with not a needContinue reading “Not a Word of Health Care!”

For Food’s and yes Stomach

By Eric A. Freeman CMT, ATCT,CASACI*   When I meditate I usually will stop after eating for 1 hour before i meditate again. I like my self to be at ease and at a level of comfort when I meditate. That is why when my stomach is full I stop or don’t meditate with aContinue reading “For Food’s and yes Stomach”

Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed   “As time has gone by I reflect on prompt. I like to be this word, this mode out of not being rude to my self, family, or others. Time is a valuable comity. If if there is a reason to be prompt I will. yet to know that I doContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Perplexed”

She Asked the Guru, “Can Atheists Do Yoga?” — People We Know

Recently a student asked our Ashtanga yoga teacher, “Can people do yoga if they don’t believe in god?” I stopped what I was doing to listen to his answer. See, the thing is, I’m not a Believer. I’m a New Yorker who learned that gurus/pastors/rabbis were just guys with enough charisma to charm their wayContinue reading “She Asked the Guru, “Can Atheists Do Yoga?” — People We Know”

Meditation:Why Morals and Ethics?

Why all the morals ethics  and noble axioms that come along with meditation?   I used to ask this question all the time.   Coming up with my own answer I see that a mind-set at ease finds it a better place to meditate. This is not a requirement to meditate.