Spirituality and Meditation( Kim)

Spirituality and Meditation
                                                             Hyeyoung Kim
Even though we live in very material world and own tons of cool stuff promising us to make us happy, have you ever felt something is still missing or there is a hole in your heart? That is because we are not only physical beings satisfied by physical needs but also because we are spiritual beings. We need spiritually awaken and bright if we want a balanced and happy life.
Do you think you lost connection with yourself or you lost sense of spirituality? You can find your spirituality and restore it through reconnecting to yourself. Meditation is a great tool for reconnection because it helps you to go into your inner consciousnees. It is only place you will find your true self and your spirituality.
 Our mind is like a garden. Maybe you don’t know you have seeds of beautiful flowers in your heart. So you ignore your garden, let weeds grow wild, let any animal come and go, which become a deserted garden. But if you water it, fertilize it, watch over it, seeds will bloom into beautiful flowers and filled with fragrance and beauty.
When I meditate, I can observe my mind and take care of my garden. If I still hold on to weeds,  I will cut them off. If some animals are in my garden and destroying it, I will let them go and build a fence. I have protected my garden and brought beautiful harmony of living energy into it. Midst of seemingly crazy world I always can find peace and everlasting water in my garden of heart through meditation. Then I find my spirituality restored and bright.
Let’s Keep going on our beautiful journey and happy meditating!

Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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