Evolution Falling

Prana Yama

3 part breath

Uddiyanda Banha

Jalana bahda


Moka bastristrika

Surya bedahna

Nadi sodhana

Buddha breath

Zen breath

Micro cosmic orbit

This was a morning workout 3 yers ago to see an evloution is amazing. To have an Evelution is probally un seen like a blind Elephant on Tuesday,23 2016 today

In the world of yoga and tai chi there are no belts. I would like to teach falling from Judo and Akido in the yogan and tai chi arts. Wu Bin had reasons to not belt Fug Fu people like Jagaro Kano has. My Guess is the intretst in the supernatural is diffuct to guage. I want to find out more aout the WUSH Way compared to JUDO way.    Yogan In my opion shold learn how to fall well due to karmic falling insidance. Bussniees wise  insurance for yoga is becommming nesssary.It is a Assement liability to fall in a loutues tree pose. Ok half loutous ok full lotus tree pose that goes timber.










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