Off Hand MICA Struggle

MICA ,can this label be proven. Are most MICA People misdiagnosed? The solution is not getting addicted in the first place. Some chase the dragon of power from Acid, to pot, to cigarettes, to cocaine, to heroin.  Some Chase the dragon of Rexlation. Can meditation help both categories.

It dependeds on the individual. MICA is common to the felid of psychitartry today. Think what does drugs to to the mind to start with. Then in the end drugs are exchanged fro other drugs. Like colipin that are as addictive if not more addtive and abbused. Yet are heplful.


MICA means Mentaly ill and chemically addicted


Is the pot helpful for some? Ask


Does it cause a Burn out?


Many get burned out. Remember addictions have no preducies.


The sun shines on all equally and all snow flacks fall where they should be.


For those who burn out. Well this worked for me!


It does not mean it works for every one.


!1)Fish oil omega 3 3 times a day( as recomedmed by a yogi therpist and a psychritist)


2)Ginko bloba






Non of these are FDA EXCCEPT FISH OIL


It is possible as seen on TV a RX For the Fish oil.


Meditation helps with everyting yet we need a fire to light the flame.


Remember to be brave enopugh to drink an ocean in theses times. Don’t be a victum be a best person you can be or man or women, or child

Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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