Tai Chi Step by Steap

I first started Tai Chi learning the 24 yang form in 1996. It was taught as system of relaxation, calisthenics, and discipline. Before I started taking it, I thought Tai Chi was something only old Chinese people did in the park for health. Also for avocation, as to enjoy as a hobby. My brother, who is a trained marshal artist ,assured me there it is much more than simply an activity for altercockers (aka old people) and I believed him. We attended a marshal arts school in Queens, NY that offered Tai Chi and Yoga. The pace was slow, the Israeli teacher kept saying the word slowly, slowly, and the body mechanics were in slow motion. But, at a rather sluggish pace I began to learn that slowness was one of Tai Chi’s many, now open secrets. It took me a year to learn the 24 yang style.


Three years passed until one day, while reading Inside Kung Fu Magazine, an article about Grand Master William C.C. Chen’s Tai Chi Chuan style captivated my attention. I was motivated to seek out his school in Manhattan where I met a great teacher, the daughter of Grand Master Chen, Tiffany Chen. One of the many positive attributes of the school was that she, along with the other teachers at the school did not make me feel inferior. I learned a lot, including the fact that at the bottom of my foot there was a ball which can be used for exercise, dance, and various martial arts. Unfortunately, after a month at the Chen school I had to stop my training because I did not have the funds to continue. Fortunately, in that month I was there I was able to learn part of the 60 moment Tai Chi form and as well, part of a Tai ChiChuansystem. There was a lot more to the system that I wanted to learn that I was unable to. Five years later; to my surprise, the DVD Step-By-Step Tai Chi by my former teacher hit the public.


The DVD is for every level to experience, from beginners to the trained marshal artist. Grand Master’s Chen’s book, Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan says, “in the heat of fighting, most martial artists find it difficult to keep calm and loose. The slow and even movements of Tai Chi Chuan tend to relax the body and mind, promoting the flow of vital energy (Chi) and relaxing stiffness with flexibility and good body coordination. This helps fighters to effectively reach the highest level in the art of self-defense.”

The music is done quite well and compliments the video continuity, and cinematography. It is set in a breath taking mountain reign adding on to the high quality. The same warmth, compassion, and professionalism found in person at Grand Master’s school is present in the program. The instruction taught in detail is what will make the public want to buy it. It offers excellent features, such as looping features which allow you to keep doing one section of the DVD repeatedly are amazing. To really learn this art, it must be done again and again, the looping feature grants this opportunity The DVD menus are easy to use creating lots of accessibility. Step-By-Step Tai Chi is also a meditation in motion, not just plain body mechanics. I recommend this DVD to any one who enjoys meditation .Even a pacifist will enjoy it. A moving meditation, present in the DVDoffers“ focused mindfulness set” which creates a relaxed mind.. Meditation in motion offers many physical health opportunities. Yes, Tai Chi as well stills the mind, body, and spirit. The 60 movement form on this DVD is an entry to a higher level if the seeker goes for it. Nothing takes the place of a live teacher, however this is close.


I’d like to personally thank Acacia and the Chen family for this work of art.


To light and love. May your meditations bring joy, and happiness.

To life, and peace.


Edited by Sarah

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