Is There an Off Season

Is There an Off Season For Training? Part 1


The Summer of 2016, has been a blazer here in Queens. This Summer I have used every thing I have learned and applied on the dance Scan on Bell Blvd. My art and Science to the Dance of life with only constant mind fullness. As fall approaches I long to go back to my discipline. I was working on my art of dance Seduction while keeping a Bodhi Citta  heart. Or rather an example of the language of the Buddha -pail.


I have discovered much and I know what I need to practice During Formal meditation.

My Schedule as a party person has been Insane with nothing to do but love and party

Like a rock star. In conclusion mind fullness and body IQ are very important to this apiarist of life and death.

All goes  well untill you ,”get hit by a bus.”

I still need to be a lay person and meditate and be a Judo, tai chi, Aikido guy music player to be good from bandits. Herman Hess Story of the Buddha is quite real for this Blogger.


Silly Yogi ,Com



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