Gun’s Hygine! Big Bang Theroy

Coming from a humanistic perspective, if every citizen served a cival huministic service like FDNY, NYPD, Sanitation, at a younger age,/military that might solve our gun fire issues. Not the kinfe issues that are not in the media highlight now. With more meditation worriors we asprants are becoing more mindful of our hyginic worrior ways. Even the silly yogi’s are joing the hunt. With the truth as an arrow one can have wise aim in life to be a great calulater.



Going to Isreal I fied a Desert Egal



Under the wathful eye of a Athority  fomer boder potral offical a foot away from seria.

I dont like guns any more!

Remember to run left and swerve!

Most shots are right handed.

LIke duck and cover1 For a Nucular Explision

Senze said,” The earth can be desrroyed by the death star at any moment.

Feelin Like Han Solo, luke,  Yoda, and Jaba the HUT

More like Han with a light saber and lazer pistal its like the 70’s,00’s,80’s,90’s, wild west with tecno Shaft.

the 70’s were like funky


In my opinion the colars were to big.



Silly Yogi








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