Wolf pack

At about age 30 I  left the “ Wolf pack of friends” and found an avocation  with something to do that brings no drugs. Yes, and hardly a Zafu Zabuton, chimes, insense, a candel, an old table used as an alter a brown 9 years old table, not too old of a table, used as an Alter that is well known or rather just a meditation table. Yes, now away from the wolf pack I feel more so as a loner facinging a lonly life with out the wolf pack as what Eric EricSon Therioes about industry VS Infirity. Part of being industrous Is standing on his own two feet being a great caluctaer and knowing when to ask for help. When there is no one to turn to or you think there is someone to, one may want to turn to them selfs or a higher power. Choose wisely.We all have choices. Zen saying is,” All snow flaks fall where they are went to be.


Silly Yogi

With may choices, many TM,Yoga,tai chi, chi gong, , Akido, ZEN I have much to do that moitaliarily add up to little for me this ones foe the birds! Yet as too fly down and fly up too play with other birds, at times Socail Activity keeps us helthy as well as isolation,


Some where in the middle.

Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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