I Will Be Light


Silly Yogi


Yes, we are using this new stuff. We at one time and still have the micro wave ovens. Are they safe don’t be worried if you are with all the new stuff I’m going to say it’s kid tested and mother approves.   As a child I was afraid  of the microwave oven. I’m still a bit mystified by the oven. There are devices such EMF protection if you have doubt about all the “electricity”If that is what it is still called.Electricity was discovered by  Benjamin Franklin in America and harnessed through the light bulb by Edison and Tesla. The touch screen is another way to touch the digital world. If one  watches the movie Tron we sees that Flin is zapped into the digital world and the personification of what its like to be in the digital world it self.


In the second movie  also  made by Disney, Legacy, Filin uses meditation beads and the Actor Jeff Bridges of the of the Bridges Family also was Shown in a picture using a tibetan singing bowls. Jeff Bridges was also in the Cult Film the BIG LEBOWSKI ‘The DUde.”


I was taken back by the use of the Mala in the movie tron a mix of the ancient and the modern.


As a well experienced musician the only thing I slightly worry about is losing my hearing bit with the modern technology here now its great to know I can fix my ears- there are  children today  who can hear again. We have a lot today to look forward too. As a New Yorker I am used to culture and am not in shock. I love the world beat and see that one day we will again be at peace to burn away the darkness yes to quote Matus Yahoo I will be light. To quote a Rabbi-There is light in the darkness- Rabbi Milsteen.

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Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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