If You Could Join An American Force




Silly Yogi



Eric Freeman CMT, CTCT,BA, CASACI*


If I could join an American force even as a volunteer- like watering plants for the FDNY – Once a week -and walking the dog-a dog-No it’s the dog- one  a week I would be a more empathetic citizen obviously to see the inner workings of a system that I know little about except that they are a responsible group of people who have to train to a GOVERNMENT standard. I saw it on TV.


I would Love  a salary though at this point in my life-as a former Fireman called me Rex-and a Korean war Guy, Mr. king.For me to Teach meditation and tai chi and yoga and offer council as a CASACI.* I got into Insight Buddhism because of my counseling back round. Insight Buddhism helped me to sought out my morals and ethics this more so then ever before. Besides learning more about meditation.

Being American made, I have come understand it is my duty to help tend the garden of Chaos. How can we do this?

Working in a hospital setting I woke up to our urban realms of flowers and Daisies, and unicorns, and princess.  No, I had to walk a person ,who was finding out if JANE had an STI, STD, which is on the back burner for all of us. Our Methadone Clinic lost a Client that year. we knew him well.

So, if I had to join a force as a GOV mandate

I would handle a hose b4 a gun any day.


But, if some one shots run left


IF, some one asks you to get in a car, like Stranger danger style

what do you do?


Well, you can say soot me now, then run and swerve left.

If your like most Citizens and your Frustrated and can’t take it any more

Volunteer for our American forces

You too can help by donating your free time with

any volunteer work.

Call 311 or a local help line

DO IT now OR ON M 9-5 F



Help America Out!

For the baby boomers who knew duck and cover

there is RUN Left and SWERVE

or disarm …


Happy Fourth of July

Remember what Bloomberg said,” Vigilance”


Remember your never alone in this world

Nature knows Just waht to do

Today were swimming upstream like the Salomon













Published by Meditation By Eric

Certified Meditation Teacher, Associate Tai Chi Teacher

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