Snake Women of the year

To  May Molina, and two others who are not public   Remember Horses are noble   Snakes are snakes and roosters are flashy   They worne the horse about the Female Snakes of the Chinese zodiac Remember they are to the bitter end yet they will tune into lonely prunes as they age A youngerContinue reading “Snake Women of the year”

Gun’s Hygine! Big Bang Theroy

Coming from a humanistic perspective, if every citizen served a cival huministic service like FDNY, NYPD, Sanitation, at a younger age,/military that might solve our gun fire issues. Not the kinfe issues that are not in the media highlight now. With more meditation worriors we asprants are becoing more mindful of our hyginic worrior ways.Continue reading “Gun’s Hygine! Big Bang Theroy”

Give Peace a Chance

Sponsor Silly yogi Spread the word   Part of meditation, yes one of the buttresses of meditation is mindfulness and the other one is concentration. Feeling the collective conscience, I am mindfull how I feel inside too affected by the circle of society. I am one wave in an ocean of turbulent tidal waves ofContinue reading “Give Peace a Chance”

Accepted Perceived Failure

7/7/16 Meditation By Eric “Accepting perceived failure with equanimity is a great art. If you can ‘fail’ with presence and without excuse or complaint, you will become free enough inwardly to be able to learn from your experience and to respond creatively to almost anything your life throws at you. And this ability to learnContinue reading “Accepted Perceived Failure”