Meditation Visluation

Silly Yogi

Meditation Visualization


We may stand in tall mountain pose


Sit in a chair


Sit in half lotus or easy pose


Any Comfortable asana


Be in a meditative state


We close our eyes


Follow the natural breath rhythm of the breath


    Let the breath do this  for you. Let the universe breath for you. yet aware but unaware


Now that you are meditating


Imagine what clothing you would like to dress in today.

Imagine what you would like to wear today.

Please  imagine the color of your outfit.

Please  imagine your top and pants.

Please see the underwear you would like to be in today.


Please see your socks and shoes yes all inside your minds eye.take a brief pause and know you have meditated and connected with your divine self and the divine Universe


Come out of the Meditation Slowly not to jossel your self

Wiggle your toes and fingers

Think to your self

I am done

Take a brief pause and know you have meditated and connected with your divine in Meditative state


   Take out the outfit you have seen within

    Make any adjustments

    There are no good or bad ways to dress express your self any way you like


The night before you go to sleep:


You can pick out your outfit and before you go to sleep it’s like pealing out of a skin. If you are a suite person when you take off the suite imagine you are taking off your stress and responsibility. My mom said to me once,” I like to choose what I want to wear for the next day the night befor. Practice this meditation and see if visualization is right for you.

This is  Visualization meditation exercise:


A practice that can be applied every day or at least every other day.


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