Silly Yogi12/25/14


“I think of the word slavery. I think of the many levels today- I think not only of workers in the capitalistic systems,yet as “Men being slaves to women” and “women as slaves to men ,in the dichotomy of the romantic science of chemistry” .Romantic notion.-the great American clease, of the “old ball and chain.”


I just might have an easier life? If I owned a slave ,yet I remember , I was a slave in Egypt .We did not enjoy this part of history.Many humans enjoyed owning slaves and some slaves enjoyed being slaves- with the benevolence of their masters. Could I personally take a robot as a slave…?


As Bob Marley a famous Jamaican sings,” Stolen from Africa, brought to America fighting on arrival fighting for serval..” Yes, another great diaspora, the afro-caribbean…


Slavery ,is a kind word compared to genaside. The Jewish, the Armenian, the Tibetan, and Gypsies; are all members of the genocide extermination club,and as far as

Experience goes, not a word of hate from the many  jews I talk to today, even some of the survivors own Mercedes Benz cars, and in Israel many drive Mercedes Benz cars. I have a friend who’s mother was born in a forest during the holocaust, and he owned a German car.The few Armies I have the pleasure of knowing- no hate or brandishing words at all to speak.


The Pope and the Dalai Lama-theses men are the last of the mainstream spatial icon’s we have in the world today.


. “Some say kill your idols. And some say do not pray to false ideals. “


I was watching a movie called Josie and the Pussy cats in the early 90’s. She was like, “you carson an ideal( Like on a first name basis he was an MTV icon and welcomed by the popularity of the world)….how could you take a bat to me, that’s like Justin Bepper meeting my niece  and thinking he is a great guy… I would Like to have tea with the Dalai Lama and get to know him.


The insight buddhist say to invite Mara in for tea and make friends.The Dalai Lama’s icon is less than neutral. yet, he himself is neutral. For I have never had the pleasure of making his acquaintance in person. However he has visited our College-Hunter, located on 68th and Lexington Ave.  Going through 911 my meditation, yoga, skills, tai chi skills,  chi gong, judo, and AIKIDO skills all were within. In Aikido I have heard they don’t learn to keep the peace untill brown belt. Getting on the E train in Queens the next day after 911 was one of the bravest things I had to do.


yes,education was that important to me. To not be afraid of the terror and to love America more. The terrorists cause us to fear each other hate one another. We live in fear…


Any one can be Mara under an illusion. Mom or a Little baby, a puppy, who is possessed, can be MARA. However, the polish side of my life story is- also to invite “mara” in- and have a pierogi. I learned  this strategy from a native polish speaker, and Hunter classmate/brother known as the POLSKA PHOENIX.


Think If someone knocks at your front door maliciously….What do you do? Do you invite MARA in for tea or state your business?


So slavery today If my history is correct all cultures owned slaves at some point in time.


This is the modern world. A media global village giant that no person  can not escape. Slavery does exist at my levels still.  Is there a way to end slavery? I am not a slave and I do not own one!!!!


Many countries have slaves. As our American media tells and shows us these facts . There are forces who fight for the American dream to work, and be a paid-  worker. The caste system compared to a capitalist system…yes ,I do think merit is the way to earn a living and  to do our best It’s up to the consumer what and how to buy. yep, in other countries they buy and  or take  slaves.

 Governments have trouble legally. The country’s constitution if they even have one. Tribal laws are issues that  most third world countries do not have control over or solve.


So, yes we have genocide, and slavery today . The children will always be slaves…sadly,,,and earn their freedom from their parents in America at least. A japanese principle is that children are indebt to their parents. It is also well know that when Japanese elders  retire they go off to farms to work and forget about money and live off the PHAT of the land.


In the USA most elders are out to pasture and end up on a farm rather a funny farm or old farts home. Sadly they are smelly places to be because folks get incontinent. If you are visiting you might want to bring a can  o’ LYSOL.


I do not see an end to 3rd world slavery. In America a young country, we have ended  slavery which is as an addition to our constitution.  And now we have a minimum wage. Is this Naive to think that in the states there are no slaves. To earn an honest dollar and pay taxes. That is a great honor. I have heard, many tales about people bringing suitcases of money, to buy a house . Taxes pay our roads to be fixed. Taxes pay our schools to not have salves.


Ok, so what does this have to do with meditation!


In ancient history a slave gave a master time to do his work. yes, today there is still slavery. Yet again in the capitalist world we have a shoot to pay taxes and give back as humans and citizens to our country. The illegalities in USA, do not know how to drive, and don’t have a drivers license to drive, on the great American highway and roads. Some are here on Visa and not mastercard. When I walk into a store and my credit card is rejected. It is my right to  walk away and leave the store. Yes, the store’s legal right is to refuse a customer directly.


Why have slaves ,why have credit, for the people who do not get paid at all…..


For there to be a level freedom in my world I meditate and escape and feel him more at peace

there is not fault of the worker they are only following orders from their slave masters.


To be free, to meditate even in the cloud of meerkyness. When we learn nothing matters everything matters. Yet to not sweat the small stuff, like genside. So I as in conclusion -what is slavery?


I ask our leaders do we still need slavery.. The  U.N. system leaders. If geniside we say never again for anyone.


Has as reported 84 delegates from the arab nations. Iseral as one. USA has 1. Canada has one or 2. French or english. To go off on a disjointed tangent mandrian is the #1 spoken language in the world, i think next is english,spanish, french. Isreal has many noble peace prizes and KOREA is looking for one. DR. I CHI LEE has a Ausome system based on TOIST YOGA. As a linnerar writer for DAN YOGA I have adoped many skills form there system. I have yet to learn anything of the history of KOREN BUDDHISM o, its probley like ZEN. MU. OM PEACE AND LOVE.


The U.N ,located in manhattan,  Is it in control of the world? What jurisdiction does the U.N. have ?I don’t know! Breaking into the .U.N. as a college boy was fun. I wanted to hop the wall and see the gun statue that was tied up again.An M.P. saw me and waves me away! Yes an open secret the U.N. is in NEW YORK,Manhattan.



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