Yoga Paws

Every morning, I wake up to practice a yoga asana routine. Rather the physical side of yoga for strength , endurance, and flexibility. As a NYC Iron worker said to me that flexibility is one of the most important aspects of life physically and meta physically. One can think of an old man, o ouch! I can’t bend down! A branch in nature that is brittle will snap under pressure. Flexible the branch will give and go. To stay flexible under life’ s pressures is to be strong and to be whole. Think to your self what does it mean to be whole in life!
The product YOGAPAWS helped my practice to be complete. I travel. YogaPaws, a mat made for use just for the hands and feet. Not only is this a well made product ,light , snug ,and, durable assessable for travel, it brings extra stability during your asana yoga practice. One Yoganini  a teacher  said that in the 70’s she used news paper to get her practiceon in the bath room. This is a mother daughter company and Meditation By Eric was treated with fast and hospitable service. I recommend the product YogaPaws to any one Serious about their physical yoga practice.
Eric A. Freeman, CMT,CTCT,BA

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