Elvis the king

Silly Yogi

Four Dead In OHIO


Elvis, was the king!  He had styles like karate, shaper then the code of homarabi. The roman rule is kill the head and destroy the body. Yet, he played his music. That the king is best known for.


” Wises men say only fools rush in.”…To me! Also don’t step on my blue suede shoes.




Do we know if Elvis was a Creative influence or another performing monkey surrounded by YES men to make their money. I don’t know what Elvis’s personal bank account was. He had Graceland and the Pretty Priscilla Presley. A Lucky man with the right wife, the right money. The life we all dream of. Fortune, fame, love happy unicorns, fairy dust…princess and princes ,the dream that is sold to thoses who are brain washed by the media. Today the media is different to go  on an off the wall wall tangent-


We Listen to Christopher  Wallace A,K.A. Biggy. AKA Notorious BIG AKA JR. Mafia. That was what was popping after Kurt Cobain put a shotgun to his head and blew his head off. The age of innocence was over for us…We were like na Frack this, we all up to hip hop the Seattle scene latter died… I was entrusted by the media to deliver family photos for Courtney love. I could of choose to sell them to the fox five or another media outlet however I was in service and all I wanted to do was be the best worker- like my father, a working class hero.  Yet we still love NIRVANA here we are now entertainus life is stupid and contagious here we are now entertain us.


The seattle sean had more drugs then crack rock-believe it or not….Alice and chains heroin den game. heroin dead stone temple pilots, heroin, and beatles with LSD OR LUCY IN THE SKY WIth DIAMONDS LSD,POT, the rolling stones LSD, POT, they say LSD IS FOR WUSSES and MAgic Mushrooms are for real men. HEROIN  the list goes on and on, cocaine the “white devil.” I have seen people lose 1,000 and 1,000 using and abusing . Some just get by on COKE, PEPSI, and coffee- I don’t know how my parents raised me and my brother without coke….later in life the secret was -coffee which is  also columbian stuff. Why does all this high energy stuff come from that place. I dated a Colombian girl in high school in da ghtto of Queens and got jumped and mugged going to meet her sister for the first time. And she was the first te-amo of life, and no she was an angel, and wanted me to stop using the pot.


In this view a media  memory….did Elvis die of an overdose or is the KIng still alive. Why can’t the KING JUST DIE WHY IS ELVIS ALIVE FOR Ever Ever.


Getting back to hip hop Gangsta HIP HOP we woke up to what OUR father’s did in BK. In the slums of Brooklyn for the US. Instead of Vietnam our fathers  were assigned and choose the gangland’s of bk for 20 years.


Back then a student could be shoved up against a wall  and be put into place.


Pregnant students left and right young man wit  knifes thrething teachers..one teacher was threatened by a “niglet” and the Funny JEW boychick Vietnam option assigned teacher, took a poll to the students head and the young AFRICAN dropped his knife….I’m sure catholic school’s were the same in the 60’s 70’s….the board of education teachers were different then procal school teachers. Some in da Ghetto wanted to learn and one day leave da ghetto zoo, and did dat too and look back and never go back. Because of man like my father we have successful adult’s today. who know math and computers. One student was MC LIGHT back in da old school of rap. That’s a rap. Don’t tell nobody. Hip hop is how you live and rap is what you do.

Today, a student can’t touch a teacher and a teacher can’t hug a student for a good job well done. I have heard?


MY like MR.K in da Ghetto man like MR. A in ESL whose one student was WYCLIF GENE from ERasmus that school  today dominated by orientals things change. WYCLEF JEAN Who went on after the the  disaster in HAITI ran  for president..Israel was a first responder for disaster relief as a treeage unit.


 BK to not go to vietnam as an option go to Vietnam the Army or get paid to go to gangland BK, the murder capital of the 60’s what would you choose? Some even fled to Canada. Today I have shoes made in vietnam.


yes, there was a draft then. I sit here and look at the young men, and women and I’m like another draft again. Goodbye to my favorite American BARISTA’s, so long I’m like -not another draft without basic training at all. yep, the war can be here now in the edifice I’m in today. With untrained men and women, and untrained cats roaming around hunting  rats.  


We can not stop the terrorist situation ever.


An Army can be stopped at any time.


The German Army could not march on Russia. They could not serve the Russian winter. The Russians helped to liberate the holocaust survives from daku,and such death camps.


The War when seven countries attacked Israel -the secret was the israelis knew how to keep the water supply going and their enemies did not.


If I see an out of work week mined sucker broke as hell,” I’ll take care of you. I will teach you the way. I’ll give you food and promise  you you will go to heaven in the name  of GOD.”


Sound’s good to…..me too no money I’m like my son can join too, yes he will go to heaven too….You get a lay man job a car and your son is mine we’ll take good care of him too your daughter her daughter her daughter’s and a Cousin- we will love um all as long as you do what we say that is what we are demanding, and die for our cause you poor, you hate, the USA WE HATE THE USA TO0 I DON’T PAY TAXES and neither do you….


So, now let’s look at Elvis he’s looking pretty good to me even Elvis went to the army. A good looking young man, Money fame and music, KARATE, and he was really from mar’s people believe anything….ya elvis was from mars…Orson welles convinced the USA We were under ATTACK by ALIENS back in the day on the radio, as a joke. People bought it….You don’t believe do your FRACKING AMERICAN HIS sTORY RESEARCH or ASK an eye WITNESS about the account of the war of the worlds….the radio. Today we have a 1,00,000 channels of TV ALONE in the media. And all the signals is what I call digital pollution. Some ware anti EMF stuff far out.


 The fifth beatle was a JEW BOYCHICK SMUCK, PRODUCER MARK EBSITINE WORking WITH HIS CHRISTIAN BROTHERS. A Lot of Hip Hop produces work with JEWS IN the industry today The KASHI conservatori Composer says,” We do business around guns drugs and GANGSTA HIP HOPERS with GUNS and weed, WEED like cigarettes…for an israeli theses are normal conditions.Israelites  know how to clean the gun, aim the gun, and when to pull the trigger, all of them even the women are trained in hand to hand combat.  HIppies had  drugs, sex, and rock and roll, and JAZZ, buddhism and timothy leary who said” tune out to tune in, and each other -they all rocked to the same beat and hated the war of vietnam. As a young Jew boy american I would not know which bathroom to use at all in the times of segregation. Today I can marry a man, a women can marry a women…and the pot is legal in some states…beatles- the british took the world by storm by love music, peacefully and charm and many happy fans-and my best friend  at the time an asian girl got me back  to loving the beatles. She gave me a BEATLES CD for christmas….Today we have yoga, to be optimistic, tai chi, meditation, weight lifting organic food, HIV, STD’s, divorce  sex drugs hip hop techno…and justin Bieber and KIM JONG IL.  Dennis Rodman went to Korea and if the north korean people get purple hair and nose rings he, will go down in history as the world’s best ambassador to the USA. I feel for you, that will be no Draft again ever! let us hope and a thank you for our peacekeeping AMERICAN SOLDIERS….So yes Elvis learned Karate and I’m Teaching meditation, staying sober form THC until the FDA TAKES OVER LIKE IN COLORADO,  and CALI…I’ve been dusted with angel dust,  ended up in handcuffs, you want to smoke the crap, keep smoking, you want to go to colorado and smoke or eat where its legal, smoke eat, the route of entrance is your truth to deal with- good luck if you get dusted.


Alcohol became legal again. Alcoholics anonymous is a choice NA, CA, AA, MA when life becomes unmanageable- God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change the courage to accept the things I can not change and the wisdom to know the difference, you know when the drug is winning…. is that real can the pot make one crazy… Well, I have never tired that. I don’t know does it? Goggle it!!! LOL lesbian on lesbian. Is there anything wrong with lesbian on lesbian. It’s legal to marry a lesbian even if you’re gay…gay is happy. A faggot is a cigaret in LONDON…in London there are camera’s everywhere and they all have facial recognition. Crimes are solved in days instead of years.  Yet I Foufeel self conscience to meditate in public. I will try now as a psychological experiment IN a LOCAL COFFEE HOUSE AND SEE IF I GET ANY REACTIon quite on the set and ACTION…. Are we Amusing ourselves to death……okay I did a japa mantra and I felt much better.


My father calls my beads worry beads and he makes me laugh being self conscience and not worrying what I do is correct. This meditation helps me feel more as a bodhisattva. The word for an adult buddha.


As an adult I am more responsible for my Actions. Learned to stay in budjet now is # 1 #2 which is a deep serious part of the serval factor is how I can LIve or livelihood. I can marry a rich women and become a male prostitute. I have always wanted to be a high class male prostitute and sometimes feel like one…. if I want to with the power of the new thing called the Square…what does the square do? We take our Phones and I take your credit card and my bank account gets credited…as far as the legal matters the rest is up to you. The power of the square.


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