Human Services

IMG_0257As a meditation teacher and a lover of life I am into many other sujects other then my own love Life Story line. When I was a yong boy I was a baskeball player, I was a base ball player, an ice Hockey player, a tennis player, and enjoyed school work I was an  I was so into my self and learning about how to make the world a better place and appling my skills to nature, my life, and humainily.. All I cared about was how to be a spitural being having a human experience and figering out life as it went along its pathways

As I matured I never gave up my hobbies that made me happy. My life skills stayed with me and practing them relentisly and  tenasshisly. As a socil life went by. Yes of corese that was important to me as well. I have and still love to spend time with other people who aslo make a difference in the world . There are so many of us who give care for the earth. We are more then what we call our selfs. If we are profisionals as teachers are we always and only as teachers. “That is how I ID my slef.” When I’m playing Guitar I am A guitarist. I think about my art work and how to improve what I love to make it the best it can be. I fell in love with my own story, my own singing, my own writing and my own work,.As a teenager I used to stay in wolf packs. Today I learning how to stand alone.

        So many other theachers helped to educate me with loving care I feel in love with wisdom in books, apping that way to life. We are all indivals like seprate waves in a greater ocean.


These are times  Huminity is suffering through, only you can make a differference in your own life to improve the greater whole. Our grand Fathers fought through war so we could enjoy the world. And I owe so much gratude to the peace they have gaied for us. Gaing a disaplined life was the best thing. Men like my grand father made a difference in the world by being a printer as a bussiness man to other people work I am sure your grand fathers who fought for peace would and still influance you and other people..Students how to use computers for there personal slill devlompment. As I gaied that spirt I relized there was more to life then TV, and movie stars and gossiping about other peoples lifes. More to life then just shopping. If you were a mountin man and there was no money and no such thing as shoppping what would you do to servive…..If you want to meditate on what you need to do to make your self a better person or reach out to soure or a person you can chat with about improving your self’s. When one becomes more whole as a person we begin to wake up to how we can help other people like we used too.

Sice Hurcane Sandy we are New yorks who are in a constant state of chous. We are full of negitvty now and are in a recoivery peroid. Keep beliving in your self as sound advice. Belive in our city planers. Beliver in our goverment. Belive that our ventans are fighing the war abroad, and fighting here in the home frount to keep us safe and sound.. I belive that that the world is improving  with programs like reclicing and sloar energy, Our home workers are doing the best job they can do to reconstruct the inferstructure. So, there are things that matter other then getting married and falling in love like most deicated hard working parents want for there children threre is more to life then personal relashonships and what was on TV. The media has changed and yes I have  a BA in the subject mattter from hunter college The media according to a hunter college proffeser means the curtural industrays. Our way of life has dramaticy changed the way the way we live. I  media wise gravitting to other mediums then TV. For example I sit at the coumpter for houres at home and ingore the TV portal.the media compets for our attention some say its abattle of the psycic wars. Blue oster cult was the first that I know who pointed this out to the world. We decide what channel to tune into. So if you are blaming the media for your issues in life chage the channel and find a station you are hapopy with. If you are blaming other people for your problems stop for a moment and see that its your own respsonablity to cotrubate to saving the earth. In my life I have learned forgiveness. I tried to go down an angry war path of self revenge. This energy was not helpful. When I learned to channel my fustrastion in the art of meditation, yoga, judo, buddism, tai chi and music i found my self and feel in love with my own story. As a college student i worte a lot. I don’t know how our elders made it on a type writter…Those were simple times  these are complex times.


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