Road Rage

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Silly Yogi


Road Rage

People like kids just like  to go to sleep, and watch. and enjoy the  road to their destination.. As we do.  As the green trees go by, and other people go by, and cars go by, and children look at their car seats and hardly know that the car seats are for children or exist at all. A happy comfortable child. Yes, all is in flux yet a dominant personality does emerge. We all want to be happy deep down inside.


I like to  be in  transit, or go.riding, or cruising or, picking up a less than stranger and giving a person at a bus stop I ride when I have the time … a car! Is a luxury because I have my two feet as my only crage. “I trust your driving as my mom says to my father,” “It’s not your driving I don’t trust it’s other drivers.”


I grew up with my pop driving me all around the USA.  He never lost his cool within the rage of the road . In front of me! How could this be? Is pop a robot? So many have the rage of the road!!!


Personally, I don’t know how he cpoed, or how he felt inside, during our meaningful journeys. Pop was a travel agent and he loves to travel.


If it is true that people lead by example then pop is a great one as a driver and world traveler. As a world traveler pop never lost his cool in front of the family. I don’t know if pop will live to see the earths space travel program privatized, and made like the modern day Crisis, like Carnival or Celebrity. Perhaps my children’s children will.



I never found out his philosophy on” road rage.” Yet, and his verbal suggestions were to  drive  with traffic and look at the driver in the machine. Mom’s advice was to keep an eye on the rear view mirror.Pop also used to pick his nose sometimes while he drove.


Driving is a mindful experience and an extension of our human sensorium. This means we are using the machine as an expression of ourselves, the way we drive on the a refleaxin of who we are. Our car can be a BMW or a KIA its not the car its the life force energy within the machine, that counts the most, as an extension of our human sensorium.   The car itself comes with its own spirit or shen by the industry of its builder.


When I sit down in my car at  a red light. I breathe peacefully and mindfully and stay aware of my other world -the inner world and outer world.IT’s a practice to be in open focus and I recommend this book to complement Eckhart Tolle’s best seller. When we breath we take in O2 the world to our inner world and when we exhale Co2 we give back to the outer world or rather outer environment. This is only the beginning of open Focus Brain. Also this books training is a western based science based on Eastern philosophy. I guess if you’re not reading Native American stuff it’s pretty much all estern stuff, or as a Professor from Hunter Called it MESOAMERICA.


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