Silly Yogi



Freeman’s Open Secret ELIXER

Don’t belive a word I say is usually my first Lesson


MSM Powder

Gingo Bilibo

Fish Oil Omega3 *

Krill Oil

Nician( this can have a adverse reaction)

Co q10

Vitimin C*

Guyclimine with Conjointin*

Goji Berry Juice( wolf Berry juice)

Chia Seed

Vitimin D*



Honey Crystal with Ginger



Do your reasherch



Gave up THC or the pot

Think Y.

It Created an issue in my life

Have abstained for 6 years with 1 slip done by perpouse. Hated it.


Some of us still belive in LAZAFAIR


Fallow the sates laws and don’t get caught untill the justices help you

Or sentance you to work or hard time.


These are Drugs that are not recomened for any one

  1. Highly Illigal except for most Police officers,  special agents, and crazy fireman
  2. Not additive
  3. Phydelic cadigories
  4. Spinal tap
  5. Hair sample

Majic mush rooms

100% natural very powerful grown in cow tiping dung helped by dung beatles

You can see sound, and other vision quests, adio hullssions! drove me insane!!!!IN College days

Fun as hell


ACID GOV GRAD LSD 25 3years of jail time if caught with paper sheets

The safest physidlic I have fond

Some say Acid is for wusses and Shrooms are for real men thats Cleshe

Peote never tried! According to the Doors

Record the blue bus is calling us…..

non -carcigenic substances

Remember HIghly illegal unless


Amsterdam Legal

  1. THC

Legal in colorodo

And cali

  1. Under ground @ onenta college bonding extrme

Blunt pass, bong hit, pass take two, pass,

Today male 25-40 causion  Heron hot!

Male indian PSYCHRIST said his home was next to feilds of THC

Why would an AMERICAN PSYCHRIST who was the head of a

PSYC department in flusing tell me this was it modivational interviewing?????




After being an asprint of meditation, I devloped an attitude,thinking,and behavior,(BAT) for holistic helth over time. Modivation by falling to illness got the best of me  To achive wholeness again, electric, disired modivation to get better. In weekness we have a chance to be strong again.  When the cuse of suffering becomes apprent; and alpathic medicine, is exclent to ID the issue, like chicken pox, and pollio. Wether, it is emonital,or physical at lest to be in the known of a disease or a condition brings closure. We all Suffer, each and every one of us. Westren medcine’s tests show detalied evadiance giving us more clues to our own human condition.


For centries many diseases were not easly identifiable and peniclin was discovered by accident according to common folk lore. Once the cuse of suffring is found with wise understing, a plan to sease  suffering can start to furmalate. A conscience path to the end of suffering  emerges. Through out life time of  the devlopmental needst of the human sentient being changes. Yet,a stable plan to helth and non suffering may stay relitivly the same. The Stage of,  life depends where you are now! As a people in general we are literate and have the ablity to attain knowlege more then ever before in world history.  Meditation is one pathway that gives one the ablity to help self actulize our full potentiall towrds perfection. We do have perfect moments ,at least deth is the only perfection returing to the divine according to a old crown holocust suvier.

Our MD’s and NURCES, therpists can only do so much. The pharmucitals we are perscried can only do so much. As patintes/clients wich potrntallly we all are-learing how to care for our self’s after a path, or rather treatment plan is set to action, the Client/picent has to learn to take care of them self’s too. Entering a matinence phase left with proper knowlege, wise action maintations our general well-being. Every slip is not a slide and some dare to say suffering is optinal.


One of the MD’s ,I had the plusere of usuing wise speach with, after requesting information about supplements, I walked away with a recomened supplemt list for” me”. Is it true that most MD’s are just drug Dealllers. Some are?  To be an educated client/pacient is best. Clinices tend to be less pused by the phrmicutical compannies to puse drugs. The over Perscription of pain medication is well known for example. Today’s  movment of E-perscriptions and Express Scriprsts gives the helth care system a new deal. When the combination of Supplements and over the counter drug’s are employed that is a new deal for us. However the FDA does not reconise most supplements and Vitimins yet saffer then street drug, actully just not approved. Street drugs can be cut with anything and , Ergo that is the danger of street drugs  thugs, and the under world, when you get dusted with angle dust, one finds out why tained weed is dangrous. They say that the subways of NYC dwelth Hell unnder it, its a jim henson open secret metaphorlicallly speaking.

So, inconclussion the supplemt list above was collected by the Corospinding bloger.


Dr. BOB recomed me not to take blood thiners like Asperins with the GINKO BLOBA

There is much snake oil out there. I tried to trust Dr. Oz’s Slutions for weight loss and it was a huge let down. In my humble opnion exersise and hard work will help you loose weight. Some of US are just big boned heavy weight class. How do you know when your too fat you need two air plane seats too sit in.


Meditation, requries nothing but human tecnology to brrow a pharse form Dr. I Chi Lee. More and more MD’s and therapists are recmoneding meditation, Yoga,and Tai chi, as a form of self care as an adjunt to medicatiion and tiditional western thearpy. The path if any is for you to choose. No one can become whole or enlighted for you. Chosse wisely.


Just to touch the subject Brifly. Alcohol was used as a local anistedic for sugery.


Dependancy V.S. Addiction



What would you do?


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