Vampire – Junkie- News Flash

Eric A. Freeman CMT, CTCT,BA


Silly Yogi

There is so much negative news on Television.A lot of the population are tuned into like negative news vampire junkies, After about 200 shootings in the USA, as well as slashing, and terror an outsider who tuned into the news would think we live in an official evil resident world.


I used to watch the news every day too . Today, I have not watched the TV News for two years or television. I check in on my smart phone every month or so just to check in on the news climate. For a month or so my world is happy and not filled with horrific images or stories from the media. I enjoy Living in a “media blissful mindful bubble” as long as I can. The important news somehow trickles down to me. Since I started blocking out the news my life has Improved.

What we feed the mind becomes what we feel and are. I’m not shocked when I do hear something, Such is life and death and  suffering. But to be bombarded with it is “not this life” I think your life in .general may be better than what one sees on television.Can you imagine not hearing of a death,a gun shot, a murder, a rape for months. The odd thing is that seems normal to me. We love to go on vacation and not hear of such violence and horror. I only have so much heart for what goes on in my life. For some “reason” I care very much about a murder in Boston why?


We only have so much energy to spend in life. We have so many breaths until we reach our goal and return to the divine. So we must be great Conscience calculators to find the path how one suffers and the path to end it. Meditation does a wonder to recharge and enhance our life force energy as proven by science. Since I stopped watching and following the news it’s got the best of me to spend my time like So. Wow a world with out such horrors it’s great.


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