The Smile Meditation : -)

Eric A. Freeman CMT

Silly Yogi


The smile meditation is as simple as a smile. Smiling elevates mood and can help with self esteem. When you smile, you physically feel better. Think of the power of laughter. A smile is very much a part of that act. When someone passes you on the street and you receive a beautiful warm smile, it has a powerful positive effect. It’s not just being smiled at that can help you feel better, though. The very act of smiling can change your whole perspective. There is something almost magical about a smile.



Try this: Close your eyes and think of something that makes you smile: a person, a pet, an object, a favorite moment in your life. If nothing comes to mind that makes you smile just put on a fake smile, and eventually that smile will turn real. Breathe in the smile smoothly, deeply, and joyfully for a minute or two. Next, smile to each body part for at least 45 seconds to 2 minutes. First, smile and breathe to your heart. Smile and breathe to your eyes. Smile and breathe to your spleen, your kidneys, your lungs, and your stomach. Smile and breathe to an open mind. Open your eyes and see how you feel. You can try this meditation once a day or as needed. I’m not suggesting we become smile automatons, but wouldn’t it be a nicer world if we all just smiled a little more?



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