“For Any How There is a way”

Meditation By Eric

By Eric Freeman, CMT


Silly Yogi

Some say the salt of the earth is the spice of life. Others agree that cigarettes and nicotine are their own true spice, and some would agree the spice should extend life. For so many still, cigarettes are the spice …I used to inhale tar filled cancer sticks every day on the day, with no vacation, approximately 15 times a day, since I was 16 year old young boy.

When the Mayor of New York City, and me at age 21 a young college student at Hunter, heard Rudolf Giuliani interject a statement. The mayor called every smoker in NYC, the Empire State, a slob. I became frantic in rush a rush of anger and livid at this remark of given madness. Then through peaceful reflection and pensive examination, his call,I eventually came to an understanding of the mayor’s position. The message must…

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