Basic’s of Meditation

Eric A. Freeman

Silly Yogi




Do Not meditate on a full stomach

Waite an hour after eating

If you are hungry have some milk

Meditation cultivates the mind, body, and spirit

Where loose clothing, you will not suffer for your fashion during meditation

Please remember to time your self it’s okay to peek a bit at the clock or use meditation beds.

If you are feeling ill try to meditate a little to see if you can go through the process. Remember to back off if you have to and no be attached

Its not a contest or a sport its an important spiritual distention to meditate

Stay disciplined!

If you are discouraged stick with it and return to the practice still for a mouth. If it does not work out seek another type of meditation. Go back to the meditation later to make sure it’s not for you.

Try to meditate at the same time every day- from a routine.

Things happen slowly slowly!!!!

Have fun make work play and enjoy your meditation, concentration, and mindfulness these are the buttress of meditation

You can read what you are doing to your self’s. Science is on meditation’s side and have proved what the ancients believed.

No one can meditate for you!

Have deep roots with in





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