Smokers Are Slobs Again…And Again

By Eric A. Freeman

Silly yogi
I tempted myself with the undying cigarette of “one day at a time” yesterday. Smoking for one calculated re-cancer and tar time .Filled my system of time…
I admit I actually liked the act of orally smoking again and again what sigmund Freud called an oral fixation.Smoking in the moment this time effortlessly , and meditative, and mindfully.
The other night I came to the station of a Hoooka Bar.A friendly, smoke bar on the hot night Queens,NY party scene. I used the ujiui meditative breath and many prana yama as a vehicle of breath work and could be on to something….Yogan.

Yea, all this and a friend is dying of cancer should I just play russian roulette with my life .
In insight buddhism we say to refrain from intoxicants. To see a friend down by cigaret smoke is terrible. Time has elapsed and not one cigaret has passed these lips. In reference to learning prana Yama with smoke there are much safer and natural methods. Meditation helped me to be a citizen quitter under the Rudolf mayor slogan smokers are slobs. The only reason I’m happy I did smoke is I learned how to handle and respect the element of fire.


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