A Word About Meditation-Hygiene

Eric A. Freeman

Silly Yogi



What is Difficult About Meditation-Hygiene?

Most meditations are easy to learn. Science based evidence is here for us to read and study the body of healthy hygienic life changing facts. What’s difficult about meditation is the everyday discipline that goes along with the practice. Most people do not have the discipline for every day meditation- hygiene.


To have faith in the ancient and the modern, that has supported meditation, in a way that only used to be open to a few in society,which has now expanded to every one, since the advantage of a very literate world culture climate. We are children of believers as well as proponents of modern science, to start and continue to meditate with meditation-     hygiene habits. A daily habit of meditation takes discipline, a lot.  In conclusion it is difficult for most people who are layman and not full time meditators like monks,and yogies. to have this discipline. Yet millions do enjoy and practice meditation-hygiene.


The facts are present. If you are a skeptic of meditation-hygiene try it for yourself. Not to curse anyone it sometimes takes us being sick to start to meditate in the first place.


Silly Yogi



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