Retirement Code Blue Level

Retirement Code Blue Level

By Eric A. Freeman


I’m Friends with many people who are retired or are heading towards retirement.

Me now finding a higher level of peace, coming through extreme suffering nobly at 37. I feel this is one of life’s tests to be noble through suffering or to be in a state of distane or “tamistic” as the yogan say. I’m not bitter at the universe i’ve come out the other end of the rabbit hole as a survivor and a  healer who continues to heal himself daily with meditation, tai chi, qigong, yoga, buddhism.

AS someone with faith in myself, faith that many have gone through depression, and GAD, and there are methods for living a better life style out there to be educated about, As far as a retired person goes. So many are lost after work. All they know how to do is work. After I had to leave work due to suffering, Yoga Chi gong,tai chi buddhism, and meditation, support from friends, family, and my cat have all helped helped to make me a worker again. As one of my friends said for 4 years you were retired doing tai chi, yoga, Judo, meditation as avocations. That pulse reading was how I passed the time my “ retired time.


Now employed, i have  arts and and sciences and a way to liberation, that I feel will be with me the rest of my days still I expire.


Most people stop work and don’t know what to do with themselves. Spending time with 60 year old men and women I have seen people end work with nothing even to spend their money on. They have nothing to identify with beyond work,When life has purpose and meaning there is something to be fofilled without work then what? As I found it can lead to depression and anxiety.


ID with the things you love through out life. They may not come to you now but as life changes things or ways of life resinate with us for a reason. So try something out of the box. If you have not. Some Lively-hoods  can be taken into old age like tai chi, and meditation and leave a retirement with a meraid of learing and practicing.


Silly Yogi



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