When is Meditation an addiction?

Eric A. Freeman CMT,CTCT,BA sponsor Silly Yogi When life becomes unmanageable due to meditation! How can meditation be an addiction? Especially, if the asprentt has psychological condition(s), or is a drug user and meditates instead of taking medicine without a doctorectors approval. Some diseases or conditions, of coarse meditation helps to balance, yet all meditationContinue reading “When is Meditation an addiction?”

A life Break

Eric A. Freeman CMT Sponsor Silly Yogi In Life the most anyone comes to a real break from life is a nap or sleep. Meditation is a healthy break from life, refreshing the mind, body, spirit. Life can be so busy and meditation becomes an ally to it. It is cost-effective and health hygiene effective.Continue reading “A life Break”

Should I Meditate Because Of Others

Eric A. Freeman Silly Yogi   The answer I have for this is ,there have been many gemie pigs before you including myself. To know meditation has been time tested and clinically studied on 1,000s of individuals. Yes , this “ stuff” actually works with modern science’s blessing.    TM is The most researched form ofContinue reading “Should I Meditate Because Of Others”

The Smile Meditation : -)

Eric A. Freeman CMT Silly Yogi   The smile meditation is as simple as a smile. Smiling elevates mood and can help with self esteem. When you smile, you physically feel better. Think of the power of laughter. A smile is very much a part of that act. When someone passes you on the streetContinue reading “The Smile Meditation : -)”

Basic’s of Meditation

Eric A. Freeman Silly Yogi Sponsor     Do Not meditate on a full stomach Waite an hour after eating If you are hungry have some milk Meditation cultivates the mind, body, and spirit Where loose clothing, you will not suffer for your fashion during meditation Please remember to time your self it’s okay toContinue reading “Basic’s of Meditation”

Smokers Are Slobs Again…And Again

By Eric A. Freeman Silly yogi Sponsor I tempted myself with the undying cigarette of “one day at a time” yesterday. Smoking for one calculated re-cancer and tar time .Filled my system of time… I admit I actually liked the act of orally smoking again and again what sigmund Freud called an oral fixation.Smoking inContinue reading “Smokers Are Slobs Again…And Again”

Meditative Dipostion

By Eric A. Freeman, CMT Silly Yogi       Meditation practice or livelihood comes to develope an attitude with wise understanding of non striving( or timelessness), and non judgemental, acceptance,  non-clinging, non-desire, not being frivolous,discipline, and  patience. Be in the moment say yes to life. The moment  is all we really have after all.Continue reading “Meditative Dipostion”

Pastor Kim

BY Eric A. Freeman, CMT Sponcor Silly Yogi A young Korean male, I meet at Starbucks of Douglaston, who I shall call pastor “Kim”who I meet approximately 4 years ago, was curious as a cat’s tail end to find out, why  “white” Jewish folk are so curious about Asian culture. I said to pastor” Kim”thatContinue reading “Pastor Kim”