Dust is a wind

Dust in a wind

Seed in the wind

The day is ahead

The universe is it

Is it etarnal?

Will the lord live

Forever and ever,

Or shall we live on.

Do we or do I 

Face Doubt,

No sought 

About it,


We are programmed to love

Mindfully can I use my illusion 

Like guns and roses

Or is this love thing 

The greatest 

Illusion there is?

Better to have loved then to never have loved

At all.

Inspired by Emily Dickson 

And Guns and Roses 

And Siri Chmnoy 

By Eric A. Freeman

About meditation :home

…as I formally begin tonight’s meditation, I walk mindfully in my home, and pause, and know that it is a sanctuary. My home was not always at such a level of peace and respect.. In reflection, before I made it my sanctuary, it was a bit on the restless side. It is, with right action, and understanding, that a change in behavior, thought, and attitude, which manifested a home, in a state of positive self-refection. AUM sweet AUM.

It was definitely a chore! I used to have much doubt and sloth about, the process of cleaning house, but I went through a process of learning to clean mindfully. The chore, has become joyful, and it is now with with compassion, that I care for my home, I now take care of it with true effort. However, I still find an occasional dust bunny. I consider the art of cleaning as part of my AUM.

The AUM, represents creation, maintenance, transformation/destruction( a small simple part of AUM, pronounced OM). What a great way to be, to maintain the cleanness of the home, creating an rich ingredient for my home -based  sanctuary.  When I acquired my new found cleaning products, I felt as if I was on the verge of creating something from the unreal, to reality.

With the new cleaning products I moped mindfully. Feeling my posture, the gravity of my balance, seeing, my very mussels at work,  I noted my bones were moving in my skin, I could feel my heart internally start to pick up it’s beat,  I also became aware of the color of the mop, a red one, the feel of the mop, held by my griping hands.

I witnessed the evolving work as it unfolded. The kitchen floors, the off white kitchen floors were becoming clean, and I was doing it, feeling love and respect for my self, my home and  to honer  my loved one’s.   I noted some restlessness, as I have learned to, paused, went back to my breathing,, and hearing sound, and stayed with the right effort of the moment. I understand the action was a benefit for my homely livelyhood. Yes a mop, a cool tool for cleaning. I felt that there was less fiction as I moped, with the solution; I made, The moping of the floor became a journey instead of ,well, just moping the floor. I moped,. Simply I mop. I began to carry, it, this way, into all my house cleaning chores. Today I am more motivated to clean house. The result, as a rich ingredient, for my sanctuary,  transformed into a healthy desire to be clean. There are still some aversions at times; “they” say it takes 21 days to form a new habit,. and I try to be on time, once a week, and a whole deep clean, once a mouth ,and considering the new year, “ I am due”.,To clean and to remember to do it mindfully again, yes ,come back again. Because, I have come to know this is right, for me. If I miss that day, it’s ok. I make it up another day, to clean, simply to clean. Well if I’m sick or something that’s ok.

After The first party I had in my apartment, my home, my sanctuary, my refuge, what a mess So unorganized. It felt like my sanctuary had been destroyed or rather transformed into chaos. There were dirty used germy cups every were,plates that were crumby , scattered through out,. And much to my chagrin the restroom had vomit in it, And let’s just say there was a lot of rubbish every where, chaos for a humble abode.

Through right understanding I came to a conclusion that yes, I was happy to have my kyana Mitta’s, my spiritual friends around even though they left a mess. I tried to motivate my self to bring back the sanctuary, Going back to that level of maintenance seemed cumbersome, and precarious.. Usually I don’t meditate in a freaking messy place, I have a slight aversion to mess. On a messy scale it was about an 8 my aversion was about a 5, to sit and , yes meditate in the messy chaos of my home at first was a chore. I  cleared a space and concentrated on the breath for a half hour I oped my eyes and mindfully Restored my sanctuary.  

To smart phone users

These Days almost the entire population , an habitual global phenomnom,  are smartphone users. What I observe  is that many users are having unconscious bad posture while on the phone. If one takes the time to see the enlightenment  of  poor- posture we can fix this bad habit with mindful smartphone posture training. Hunched over posture can lead to back problems and mussel issues. In general good posture is healthy in any situation for health purposes. My PTA (or physical therapist assistant) brought the importance of correct mindful posture to my attention and I made this clear message to be practiced mindfully. A way of lifestyle change permanently.

Yoga and tai chi when done right can bring back pain relief. It is a lifetime commitment. Maintaining health is so important and posture patrol is part of this way of a healthy lifestyle. In meditation we sit or stand with correct posture allowing the energy to flow better. To conclude I want you to know it is terrible to have back issues and if you do start with posture awareness. If you don’t have back pain and never did , seriously  you don’t want to know this pain and suffering so think about Tai chi or Yoga to be a part of your lifestyle discipline to be preventive medicine for you. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!!!!

Eric Freeman CMT,CTCAT

Out of the Art into the Science

In life we have choices. Theses choices become our reality. In life we only and truly have the present moment.The past adds up to our current position in life and the future mind may be of worry or motivational, thinking or I’m not awake! We get from point a to b to c. With strong roots the past will become the present and then a future that becomes the present again creating a past. The body mind can endure but life creates stress on the body mind spirt level even positive stress. We can laugh to much tooMeditation, yes it’s important to understand but with out the disapline of practice is mere aditude adjustment and just knowing the science. A martial artist who is out of practice and who is unconditioned and is a black belt is out of his art but my be into his science. As a meditator yes we don’t strive in the practice. But if there is something to have is a goal of wise practice. With out discipline we loose the merits of the art. Yet,be into the science if we have lost our way with conscience or unconvinced.

Yes it is the practice to return to again and again..no worries returned to the practice you have your benefits. One have not lost your beginners mind. No, guilt it’s not like a jealous lover you have been cheating on that you have sinned upon. No guilt and no Sin to your Art and Science. Art is what you make and Science is how one understands. Make again and again stay on track!!!! Return to the practice! Only you can meditate for your self.

Meditative Dispostion

By Eric A. Freeman ATCT, CMT

Meditation practice or livelihood comes to develop an attitude with wise understanding of non striving( or timelessness), and non judgemental, acceptance, non-clinging, non-desire, not being frivolous,discipline, and patience. Be in the moment say yes to life. The moment is all we really have after all. We have memories, and anticipation. Yes, the mind will wonder but that is your story you are clinging to. We all do. Witness time and mastery developing and attitude a meditative attitude becomes part of a livelihood and the practice of mindfulness..Also, acceptance especially if you are having anger problems it helps to accept and forgive the situation. Let the unbearable unanswerable go and trust that the universe is taking care of the situation for us. If one is constantly angry in attitude-refreshing the anger the meditation can for moments take away this disposition. When he or she meditates the meditations will not be as deep or possibly therapeutic. The practice of meditation does wonders adding the dispositions of meditation, the attitude, makes an improvement to life as we enter the realm of meditation. By living in anger we will never find the ecstatic joy we arelooking for from meditation or life. The practice can help smooth things out .

Forgive and place it away and don’t forget. See what its like to live with out anger. Accept death and suffering your own death, anger, and suffering. Some stay in the zone of self piety and never make a change and stay an angry victim, a blocked energy crunh. It is possibly impossible to over come the duality of anger entirely but that is why we meditate to heal our spirit or shen. Also through exercise, physical exercise we relive the energy of our anger. Anger is not healthy compassion and self defence is.

Had a Basic Meditation

Eric a. Freeman, CMT( Certified Meditation Teacher) ATCT( Associate Tai Chi Teacher)

Did Buddha belly breathing for 15 minutes, had a wonderful relaxing experience. My home did not matter the thoughts came to me like a passing parade. I closed my eyes,lyed down and breathed with a big buddha belly. I have not done this from of meditation for some time 15 twice a day is recommend  for the biggner.

When I went to a park I had the same relaxing  feeling in spring. Seasons do matter.




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A young Korean male, I meet at Starbucks of Dugloston, who I shall call pastor “Kim”who I meet approximately 4 years ago, was curious as a cat’s tail end to find out, why us “white” Jewish folk are so curious about Asian culture. I said to pastor” Kim”that I can not speak for my Anasazi or Sephardi Jewish brothers. However, I can speak for my self…

I explained to him that my grand father used to sit my brother and I to simmer down by the TV. Yep, every Saturday. My brother and I were brain washed with kung fu flicks every Saturday morning. I remember horsing…

Around with my brother making kung ku sounds and pretending we were kung fu fighters. Our WWII grand father who saved a whole platoon, awarded the Purple Heart and, the bronze star, as a medic, allowed us to watch his prayer time, and physical work out time. At 80 he, still doing pull ups!!! This causal energy as I explained to the young Korean pastor was enough to wash us with Asian glee. Also the staple of Asian food keep my unkosher Jewish family hooked. Look at that Chinese pork. Today I am trying to be a vegetarian by choice. I came to that mode with careful aim. I went could turkey and that’s an oxymoron. I am calling my self an oxymoron. No, I am an oxymoron why because I’m going cold turkey, yet I’m finding vegetarianism. Asian food is vegetarian friendly, like Indian food, Chinese food, Japaneses food, and yes Italian food like pasta. I blame Marco polo for the pasta thing.

. The Korean pastor seemed to get it. He wanted to take me out for Korean food. I decided we had a good enough relationship. I trusted the man.This was the first time I ate Korean food, and had Korean hospitality. I grew up with many Japanese, Chinese kids, and Indian children. As children we did not see race we saw each other as unknowing humans in the beginners mind’s eye. As an adult in a Korean restaurant I felt like an outsider though yet still welcome with hospitality.

The food looked a bit weird and I had no clue what the dishes were called. All the food was great. Today, I love kimchi, that it’s kind a like a spicy cabbage yet stll an exotic spicy food. The star bucks pastor( He worked and studied here) continued his inquiry. I explained to him: As a child I took Tai Kown Do, and as I grew into adult hood yoga, Tai Chi, and Aikdo saved my. I explained to the Korean pasture”Kim” that theses arts brought me closer to my Jewish ancestral roots. The pastor was impressed. I returned the hospitality by taking him out to a kosher Deli in Long Island, NY. I found out Jesus saved his life. He was suicidal at a point in his time line. He loves that life so. Today he is married and lives away from NY, and is a youth leader. In conclusion, east meets west west, meets east, and here we are melting in the pot of NY Queens. I’m still there and enjoying the culture and food NY has to offer. If I had one meal request it would be for a GRYO OR PASTRAME ON RYE HOLD THE PICKELS. I miss dem Kosher deli days.